Course Reserve Searches

If your library holds items reserved for courses at a school or college, you may be able to search for course reserve information and materials. You can search for course records, which list all the items on reserve for a course, and you can search for specific items on reserve. From your search results, you can locate a reserve item in the library and view its circulation status. You may be able to ask the library to hold a reserved item for you to check out.

Typing Search Text - Course Reserve Searches

Case, spaces, punctuation - Letter case, multiple spaces, and punctuation are ignored. Omit hyphens in numbers.

Multiple words - You can type more than one word. The results have all the words in the specified field, in the same order you typed them.

Wildcard characters - You can type a part of a word and use a wildcard character. The wildcard character asterisk (*) represents the rest of the word. For example, if you type King*, the results include words such as King, Kingsley, and Kingford. The wildcard character question mark (?) represents exactly one character. For example, wom?n finds woman and women. If the question mark occurs at the end of a word, it does not act as a wildcard character, so you can find titles like what color is your parachute? Also, if you type a backslash character \ before any wildcard character, the wildcard character is treated as text.

Course names - If you are looking for a course name that begins with an article (A, An, The), you must include the article or use a wildcard character. If you are not sure, use the wildcard character.

To find a course named The Middle Ages, you can type the middle ages, *middle ages, or *middle. If you type middle ages, the search does not find the course.

Find a course record

Course reserve records store general information about courses that have items on reserve, and provide links to all the items on reserve for the course.To find a course record:

  1. Select Course Reserves on the Search menu.
  2. Type the text to search for in the Course Reserve search for box. See Course Reserve Searches.
  3. Click the Search by arrow symbol, and select a search field from the list:
  1. Click Go. The results appear in the center area of the page.
  2. To see more information about a course, click the course name, the Availability button, or the Full Display button.
  3. If necessary, click the link Click here to see items from all branches to see each item associated with the course, including the item location, reserve status, and circulation status. (Click the plus sign by a location to see the listings for that location.)
  4. Click Full Display to display more information about the course itself.

Find an item on reserve

When you search for items on reserve, the search results include titles that have at least one associated item on reserve for a course. Detailed information about any title in the search results shows the course for which an item is reserved. You can link to course information from the reserve item search results. To find an item on reserve:

  1. Select any search method except Browse on the Search menu.
  2. Select (check) Course reserve items only on the search bar.
  3. If you want to find only a certain kind of course reserve material, click the arrow symbol in the Limit by box, and select an option from the list. Example: If you want to find only DVDs, select DVD in the Limit by list.
  4. Type the text to search for in the search for box, keeping these tips in mind:
  1. Click the Search by arrow symbol, and select a search field from the list.
  2. Click Go. The search results are displayed.
  3. To see more information about the items on reserve, click the Availability button.

Availability information is displayed, but the information applies to the item when it is not on reserve. To see more information about a course for which an item is reserved, including the current location of the reserved item, click the Course Reserve icon next to the item in the Availability list.